(Mill Creek's Justa Rose x CH Weekfolk Erinsway Sam I Am RN)
2008 ASSA Best All Around Sheltie

What can I say about Storm? He is awesome; literally, a dream come true.

In 2004, after just losing a ten-month-old Sheltie in a freak accident, I began the hunt for a new dream dog. I wanted everything! Not only did I want a dog that looked great with structure, form, and expression, but I also searched for that special attitude that we all look for in the perfect Sheltie. One day, my search ended at an all-breed show in Shreveport, Louisiana. While watching the Sheltie conformation classes, I met Deidra Campbell of Rosestones Shelties; while chatting, we mutually discovered that we shared the same dream of creating an all-around Sheltie: a Sheltie that was capable of obtaining a championship/high achievements in Conformation, Obedience, Agility, and Herding.

Storm started his conformation career under Judge Annie Clark by not only winning his puppy class but going on to take Winners Dog, Best of Winners, and Best of Breed. He completed his International Championship in one weekend, and I hope to complete his AKC championship one day soon.

Obedience was an adventure for Storm, who completed his CD, CDX, and UD titles without any problems, even earning a High in Trial along the way. We are currently working on his UDX title. Our goal is to complete his UDX and OTCH over the next year.

Storm then blew through his Rally competitions, completing all titles (RN, RA, RE, and RAE) with almost all perfect scores.

Agility is our new challenge! Storm is just like a kid at the playground: getting excited the minute he sees the equipment and pouting if he doesn't get to play. Speed is both our greatest blessing and our greatest challenge, due to the fact that he is extremely fast and I lack the speed to keep up with him. Thankfully, his obedience training gives me the control I need to save the day at shows, because he literally flew through his NA and NAJ with clean runs.

Herding is another of our endeavors. Storm was instinct tested at the 2005 ASSA Nationals, and I was very worried, since my family has a farm and Storm is not allowed to chase the livestock. However, the first time he saw sheep, the instinct kicked in and another adventure began. I waited for a few years to start serious training, but in August of 2008 we started training for the herding trials. I have to say that this is our most difficult challenge yet.

Keep checking back to see where Storm is currently at in his challenges.